Richard Lippold's Trinity close-up
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New York Times

Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekend Arts
Page C31

Eve M. Kahn's article:

Wired: Preserving The Installations Of Richard Lippold

includes a section about Newmans, Ltd.'s
ongoing restoration of Mr. Lippold's

The Trinity

Church of St. Gregory The Great
 The Portsmouth Abbey
Portsmouth, Rhode Island

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We are restorers of unusual objects and mechanisms. Recent projects range from the entire metal collection of North America's oldest synagogue, to a set of Oceanic ceremonial weapons, an electric salesman's stove created in 1900, a 19th century French Taxiphote stereoptic glass slide viewer, and the entire 10,000-pound, 19th century shelving system of The Pequot Library stacks, in Southport, Connecticut.
We solve problems through the liberal, fine, and applied arts. One of us is a Fulbright Scholar and a recipient of the Rome Prize, one of us graduated Magna and another, Summa Cum Laude. We have worked as teachers, directors, large project managers, legal aides, systems coordinators, designers, cooks, bakers, sailors, retail shop owners, clerks, and museum guides.

We solve complex problems outside the box.

Howard and Mary Newman

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