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We are restorers of unusual objects and mechanisms. Recent projects range from a set of Oceanic ceremonial weapons, to an electric salesman's stove created in 1900, to a 19th century French Taxiphote stereoptic glass slide viewer.

We solve problems through the liberal, fine, and applied arts. One of us is a Fulbright Scholar and a recipient of the Rome Prize, one of us graduated Magna and another, Summa Cum Laude. We have worked in industry as teachers, directors, large project managers, legal aides, systems coordinators, designers, bakers, retail shop owners, clerks, and museum guides.

We solve complex problems outside the box.

Restoring Candelabra

Candelabra are among our most frequently restored objects. Castings bend and break, stems crack, and threads strip in the excitement of family festivals. After years of care, silver and gold wears away, lacquer cracks and yellows.

Following are three examples of our treatment of candelabra - one of Sheffield silver plate, one of cast bronze and brass with an
surface, and one of cast and wrought brass.

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A pair of French cast bronze and brass
 ormolu candelabra

Ormolu candelabra, disassembled
One of the set, disassembled.

French 18th and 19th century decorative art objects are among the most finely crafted in the world. Each of these candelabra is built of twenty-two separate brass castings with ormolu surfaces which complement two finely detailed bronze figures patinated to a dark blue-green.

The candelabra arrived with pieces broken and missing, and deep
corrosion exuding from the pores of a few of the brass castings, marring the gold surface.

Ormolu after
The completed pair

In all our work, we strive to maintain a balance between correcting damage and retaining the work's original qualities. With these objects:
  • The corrosion and poor adhesion of the gold on the base castings was serious enough to warrant replating to match the nearby ormolu pieces.
  • The joint connecting one figure's leg to the sphere was weak.  It was rebuilt inside, without affecting the surface.
  • One spacer beneath a candle cup was missing and recreated. The surface was plated to match the surrounding ormolu.

A Sheffield silver plate candelabrum
Wing silver candelabra, before

Silver candelabra are often family treasures. We received this candelabrum in fragments with a main upright broken, arms bent, and a bobeche missing.

At the top of the broken upright, you can see the stub of the iron rod which provides the inner strength for the heavy arms. Our challenge was to reinforce this section internally, so that the reassembled candelabrum would be stronger than the original, while preserving the surface near the break.
Wing silver candelabra, after

The missing bobeche has been duplicated, the main support rebuilt, the arms straightened, and the surface treated to preserve the sense of age, while making it attractive and durable for use in family ceremonies and display.

The Touro Synagogue 18th century chanukkiah,
made of cast and wrought brass
Touro channukkiah, before

Over the centuries, the cantilevered arms of brass tubing had been bent over, and their candle cups broken. Corrosion surrounded joints where a 19th century plumber had tried to fix the breaks, leaving acid flux on the joints. The repoussť base was severely dented, and a foot had broken off. The central stem was falling apart.

Touro channukkiah, after

We disassembled the chanukkiah, straightened the arms, resoldered them to the core, then reformed and reattached the candle cups. The dents on the base were pushed out from the inside, and the foot was rebuilt with a hidden reinforcement. To preserve the surface, a subtle patina and a layer of lacquer were applied.

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