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Newmans, Ltd., of Newport, Rhode Island, was part of a skilled team of craftspeople and contractors that recently restored Touro Synagogue, in Newport, Rhode Island - North America's oldest synagogue, and one of the most significant sites in American Jewish history.

Newmans, Ltd. has produced an extensive photo essay of their work for Touro detailing many of the difficult problems and the approaches Newmans, Ltd. devised for their resolution. It can be accessed by selecting the image of its cover to your left.

"Rarely do history, tradition and the ideal of religious freedom converge in a single place of such exquisite beauty, historic artifacts and architectural design as Touro Synagogue, a National Historic Site," said Keith Stokes, Touro Synagogue Foundation Chairman. "Over the past year, Newmans, Ltd. embarked upon a major restoration and conservation effort of 150 pieces of Touro's most significant objects. Because of their efforts, Touro will be able offer the thousands of visitors direct access to our collection of original and historic artifacts that harkens back to the very beginning of American history."

Touro Channukiah, before restorationTouro Channukiah, after restorationFounded in the 17th century by families who had fled religious persecution in Europe, the congregation of Touro Synagogue helped establish the precedent for religious freedom in the New World.

Newmans, Ltd.'s comprehensive restoration of Touro's metalwork, included the Ner Tamid, or "Eternal Light," the central chandeliers, and the original Chanukkiah - the ceremonial menorah used for the festival of Chanukkah. The restored pieces ranged from the ornate and sacred to the prosaic; from Torah breastplates inlaid with semiprecious stones to colonial-era wrought-iron deadbolts.

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