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Recreating Newport, Rhode Island's
Horse Trough Fountain
Washington Square

See a series of brief movies about our recreation of Newport's Horse Trough Fountain on YouTube.

We are restorers of unusual objects and mechanisms.

 Recent projects range from rebuilding Portsmouth Abbey's Richard Lippold sculpture, 'Trinity', to the entire metal collection of Touro Synagogue, North America's oldest synagogue, to a set of Oceanic ceremonial weapons, an electric salesman's stove created in 1900, and a 19th century French ceremonial military award statue by Emile Picault (below).

We solve problems through the liberal, fine and applied arts.

We solve complex problems outside the box.
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Download our photo essay on Touro Synagogue, North America's oldest synagogue

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Newport R'Is Washington Square Bronze Horse Trough Fountain before patina
               Photo: Howard Newman
Mary Newman with the assembled Horse Trough Fountain parts.

Newport is in the midst of reclaiming Washington Square as its town center.

When complete, the Horse Trough Fountain will be the Square's focal point.  We are recreating the horse trough from 19th century photographs in the archives of The Newport Historical Society.  Originally made of cast iron, the new public fountain is now being made in bronze.

Our movies show the new fountain's creation, beginning with its designs, through building its parts in wood and clay, their transformation into bronze, and - yet to come - the fountain's completion, and installation.

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