Zinc, pewter, spelter, and lead melt at much lower temperatures, are much softer and structurally weaker than other metals used in the arts, and are often plated with copper which is then patinated similarly to bronze statuary – all which demand particular, sensitive treatment while attaching broken pieces, fabricating new parts, and integrating the finishes of the reconstructed sections with their nearby areas.

Restoration of a Zinc Casket for The Newport Mansions

The completed zinc casket restoration, detail.
Completed zinc casket restoration

Conservation of a Cast Zinc Garden Statue

Zinc 'Farmer's Daughter' after restoration
Zinc ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ after restoration

Restoration of a Plated Pewter Military Statue Award

Antique spelter WW II military award statue restored
Bellum: Restoration complete

Conservation of a Zinc Bust: The Moor

Zinc Moor; restoration complete
Zinc Moor; restoration complete