Restoration of Ethnic Art Objects

Before: A Balinese Kris Ceremonial Sword made of steel, brass, ivory, wood, and semi-precious stones

How We Restore Ethnic Art Objects We treat mechanisms and works of art that come from Non-Western cultures by analyzing the culture, materials and techniques used by the original craftsman. Through discussion with our clients, we agree which elements of

Antique Weapon Restorations

Our Work with Antique Weapons Newmans’ Ltd. restores and repairs antique weapons and armaments such as flintlock guns, swords and non-western arms. We develop a thorough understanding of the piece by examining the metals, wood, ivory, bone and other materials

How We Restore Mixed Material Art Objects

How We Restore Art Objects Made of Mixed Materials Works of art created with multiple materials require knowledge of each material and how the materials relate to one another – chemically, mechanically and aesthetically. We research all these for each