Iron & Steel Restorations

English Flintlock Pistol, “Spencer” Decorative Aisle Columns Jonathan Edwards’ College Restoration Cigarette Vending Machine Balinese Sword (Kris) Restoration of Touro Synagogue Taxiphote Balusters Shelf Supports Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut Our Work with Iron and Steel Restoration Newmans’ Ltd restores art

Restoration of Decorative Aisle Columns

A capital after restoration.

Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut Among the striking details in Robert Robertson’s Pequot Library are the cast iron, copper plated decorative columns which head each aisle of the two story stacks. Before restoration, these were covered with layers of soot from

Restoration of Balusters

The balusters complete and ready for installation.

Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut As can be seen in these images, the balusters have been treated to remove the dirt, along with the original protective layer, which appears to be shellac. Made of copper plated cast iron, the fresh copper

Restoration of Shelf Supports

Large regular baseboard complete

Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut These decorative shelf supports were manufactured by the New York Library Bureau, founded by Melville Dewey who developed the Dewey Decimal system. The Bureau’s goal was to completely supply the country’s many new libraries opening just

Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut

A blueprint of the balusters for the Pequot Library

Restoration of Fine Metalwork for the Library Stacks One of the outstanding qualities of late nineteenth century architecture was the architects’ attention to detail. While most libraries’ stacks are simply functional, architect Robert Robertson’s stacks at The Pequot are a