Restoration of Candelabra

Our Work with Candelabra Restoration Antique candelabra can break in ways that require innovative restructuring. We rebuild these pieces without compromising their original finishes. A Sheffield Candelabra Touro Synagogue’s Central Chandelier Brass and Bronze Ormolu Candelabra    

Restoration of Silver Objects

Pierced Silver Basket Condiment Servers Sheffield Candelabra Centerpiece, Tiffany & Co. Our Work Restoring Silver Objects Newmans’ Ltd. restores fine art objects made of silver. Silver objects take many forms, from hollowware used for serving or dining to jewelry or

How We Restore Mixed Material Art Objects

How We Restore Art Objects Made of Mixed Materials Works of art created with multiple materials require knowledge of each material and how the materials relate to one another – chemically, mechanically and aesthetically. We research all these for each

Restoration of Touro Synagogue

Touro Synagogue: Reinstallation of the central brass chandelier.

In 2007, Newmans joined the National Park Service and Shawmut Design and Construction of Boston in the restoration of America’s oldest synagogue and national historic site designed by architect Peter Harrison in1763. One hundred-fifty metal objects, from eighteenth century hardware to