Hollowware Restorations

Our Work with Hollowware Restoration Hollowware is often passed down through a family’s generations and we treat these objects with that in mind. I use my skills learned from Jack Prip,  at the Rhode Island School of Design to restore

Pierced Silver Basket

Silver Basket, Nineteenth Century

English, 19th c. Private collection A sharp object was pushed through the side of this pierced silver basket, destroying a part of it. We duplicated the shape by copying the form from a nearby section, adjusted it to fit its

Condiment Servers

Servers after restoration.

American, 19th c. Pewter, silver plate, brass, steel, glass Private collection This set of condiment servers are survivors of an Antebellum plantation in Louisiana. They were brought to us crushed and distorted, their mechanisms jammed, and parts missing. We built new

Restoration of an Art Deco Coffee Service

Designed by Fritz August Breuhaus de Groot (1883 – 1960), German, 1930’s Chrome plated steel, celluloid Private Collection The handles of this handsome Art Deco silver plate coffee service were weak in their original design. We strengthened the joints of the broken

Centerpiece, Tiffany & Co.

A silver cast centerpiece with gold plate bowl designed by Moore for the 1853 World's Fair

American, 1853 Silver Newport Mansions, Chateau Sur Mer This extraordinary object was designed by Tiffany & Company’s top designer, John C. Moore. Over the years it had been overpolished, removing all the dark oxides from recesses with commercial polishing pastes. From

Restoration of Touro Synagogue

Touro Synagogue: Reinstallation of the central brass chandelier.

In 2007, Newmans joined the National Park Service and Shawmut Design and Construction of Boston in the restoration of America’s oldest synagogue and national historic site designed by architect Peter Harrison in1763. One hundred-fifty metal objects, from eighteenth century hardware to