Our clients have enthusiastically written…

I brought Howard a 200-year old elaborate silver candelabra that had been badly damaged 40 years ago. One arm had been completely broken off; another was dangling loose and in imminent danger of falling off. Numerous silversmiths had tried to repair it over the years, but all had failed, much to my family’s dismay. Howard was able to apply his architectural skills as well as metal working expertise to repair the damage and restore this beautiful piece of silver artistry. He was a pleasure to work with; he was worth every penny.

Diana M. Heckler

Should you be as fortunate as we to possess a delicate Lippold sculpture in need of TLC where else would you turn than to Howard Newman LTD? After all with the restoration of Lippold’s Trinity at Portsmouth Abbey on his resume, a wire piece measuring barely 3ft x 1 ft should hardly raise the blood pressure. No bucket lifts or staging required.

While our relationship experienced all the ups and downs of a courtship from infatuation, reassessment and reevaluation of what each party wanted from this partnership, the end result was immensely pleasing on our part and I think Howard was justly proud of the finished product. Should anyone have a restoration project in need of professional attention, call Howard. If in doubt, call us.

Cecile and Sibley


I am extremely pleased with your work and cannot thank you enough. I can now pass this pen set on to the fourth generation of the family to use it.
Thank you so much.


Over the years, the Newmans have restored bronzes, silver, and stone sculptures for us. The first piece they did for us was a Nineteenth Century French bronze of Louis XIV on a stone base. Recently, we visited the Newmans and saw that they were restoring marble busts for Brown University, and asked Howard and Mary to take a look at a few marble busts of ours. So far, they have beautifully restored two of them – one of Hadrian, and the other of Caesar Augustus. Along with their restoration work, they arranged to have them professionally removed from our home, and then personally reinstalled them.

We look forward to having Howard and Mary do more work for us when the time comes.

Diana from Newport