Emily Genauer, The New York Post:

Mr. Newman can be acclaimed for the brilliant handling of his medium…. Once highly polished surfaces are now scarred, abraded and split; a look of “found” metal replaces the elegantly turned elements of earlier pieces, and overall there’s a rough, Expressionist quality.

Howard Newman has created bronzes for the past thirty years based on his studies in architecture, anthropology, design, metalsmithing, and a general fascination with the way things work. Always concerned with the entire human being, his first series studied the human skull as metaphor. He then focused on the torso as a shell, then on shedding it along a path of meditative exploration. The pieces presented here are a sampling of that work.

Beginning in the mid 1980’s Newman expanded his vocabulary beyond the surface refinement of his silversmith’s training into expressionistic, textured forms that directly address the human body’s movements and emotions. Strutting Woman is about pride. Self Portrait, about self examination through that most personal tool, the hand. Continuing his studies of the torso, Howard’s knowledge and love of materials has led to a 2003 edition of Partners: Torsos #4 & #5 in pewter, a white metal that gives the sculpture’s forms and lines new emphasis and meaning.


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