Our Work with Hollowware Restoration

Hollowware is often passed down through a family’s generations and we treat these objects with that in mind. I use my skills learned from Jack Prip,  at the Rhode Island School of Design to restore objects made in the silversmithing tradition – objects made of silver, steel, copper, and mixed metals and materials. My work starts by analyzing the piece’s structural weaknesses and the surfaces for dents, abrasions, overpolishing and discoloration. During the restoration process I may re-plate areas where applied metals have worn away, and then judiciously restore the surface to be attractive and appropriately aged.

Pierced Silver Basket


Silver Basket, Nineteenth Century
A duplicated piece being fit to its space

Condiment Servers

Servers after restoration.
The servers after restoration

Art Deco Coffee Service

Tea & Coffee Service; Art Deco Chrome & Celluloid, complete set.
The completed set

Centerpiece, Tiffany & Co. – The Newport Mansions, Chateau Sur Mer

A silver cast centerpiece with gold plate bowl designed by Moore for the 1853 World's Fair
The completed assembly