How We Restore Historical Lighting

Jugendstil Lamp

Early 20th c. German

Copper, glass, shell, steel, porcelain, electrical components

Private collection
This lamp arrived with the base and column bent and dented. A hand cut disc of polished shell was missing, and the hanging bead skirt was so dirty we thought the leaded glass beads were made of Hematite. The electrical system was European, and parts of the old, custom designed switch were in pieces.

We disassembled the entire lamp including the original electrical switch, replaced missing and worn parts with custom fit parts, corrected dented and distorted parts, cleaned and balanced the surface finishes and reassembled the lamp.

Detail of the Jugendstil Lamp complete

Historical Lighting

The Jugendstil Lamp before restoration

Setting the shell inserts with a burnisher

Original switch being removed from lamp head

The lamp being disassembled

Yugendstil lamp beads before and after cleaning.