How We Restore Mixed Material Art Objects

Works of art created with multiple materials require knowledge of each material and how the materials relate to one another – chemically, mechanically and aesthetically. We research all these for each piece that comes to us to determine its appropriate treatment.

English Flintlock Pistol, “Spencer”

The McBean Collection; A Flintlock Pistol after restoration

Brass and Bronze Ormolu Candelabra

French 19th Century, Private Collection

Jugendstil Lamp

The Jugendstil Lamp complete

Condiment Servers

Servers after restoration

Art Deco Coffee Service

Completed set

Sheffield Candelabra

Both candelabra rebuilt and ready to be used

Ostrich Egg Containers

Newport Mansions: Chinese Ostrich egg containers

Silk and Ivory Parasol

Damaged silk, ivory, brass and steel Chinese 19th century parasol

Cigarette Vending Machine

The antique brass cigarette box before restoration

Balinese Sword (Kris)

Balinese sword before restoration