Iron & Steel Restorations

English Flintlock Pistol, “Spencer”

The McBean Collection; A Flintlock Pistol after restoration

Decorative Aisle Columns

A capital after restoration

Jonathan Edwards’ College Restoration

Iron and Steel Trident

Cigarette Vending Machine

The antique brass cigarette box before restoration

Balinese Sword (Kris)

Balinese sword before restoration

Restoration of Touro Synagogue

Reinstallation of the chandelier


Taxiphote complete


The completed balusters ready for installation

Shelf Supports

Large regular baseboard complete

Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut

Pequot Library: An archival blueprint of the balusters and shelf ends

Our Work with Iron and Steel Restoration

Newmans’ Ltd restores art objects that are either made entirely of iron or steel or are mixed materials objects that contain elements of either metal. We treat the objects to remove dirt, apply even oxides in pieces designed to show contrast, and burnish highlights. In the event that parts are missing from an antique piece, we analyze the area and recreate the part. We often will finish by lacquering the objects to prevent further oxidation.