Our Work Restoring Plated Objects

Newmans’ Ltd. fixes and restores broken and or heavily soiled plated objects. We examine the materials used to determine which metals are present, as well as which original coatings were applied. We treat areas of corrosion and physical damage. There are some cases in which plated objects that are severely distorted require reshaping. We re-plate areas where the plated layer has worn away significantly, bringing the object back to shape so that it will endure as a fine piece of art.

Brass and Bronze Ormolu Candelabra

French 19th Century, Private Collection

Decorative Aisle Columns

A capital after restoration

Condiment Servers

Servers after restoration

Art Deco Coffee Service

Completed set

Sheffield Candelabra

Both candelabra rebuilt and ready to be used

Plated Pewter Military Award Statue

Bellum: Restoration complete


The completed balusters ready for installation.