The Newport Mansions (The Preservation Society of Newport County)

Hollowware Restorations

Our Work with Hollowware Restoration Hollowware is often passed down through a family’s generations and we treat these objects with that in mind. I use my skills learned from Jack Prip, at the Rhode Island School of Design to restore

English Flintlock Pistol, “Spencer”

Steel, brass and wood The McBean Collection, Chepstow The Newport Mansions, Newport, Rhode Island The Preservation Society of Newport County approached us with this fine 17th century weapon to prepare it for display. With the mechanism in need of lubrication but mostly

Zinc Casket; Newport Mansions

French, 19th century Cast zinc, patinated copper plate, velvet, steel This figure from the Preservation Society of Newport County sits atop a jewel box produced in France. At some point in the past hundred years, a foot of the figurine was

Centerpiece, Tiffany & Co.

American, 1853 Silver Newport Mansions, Chateau Sur Mer This extraordinary object was designed by Tiffany & Company’s top designer, John C. Moore. Over the years it had been overpolished, removing all the dark oxides from recesses with commercial polishing pastes. From

Ostrich Egg Containers

Chinese, 19th century Silver, ostrich eggs, lead Newport Mansions The restoration of this set, located in the McBean Estate, Chepstow, involved one of our favorite challenges – working with mixed materials. Over 20 pieces of silver as well as the ostrich