Antique Weapons Restoration; Our Work with Antique Weapons

During Antique Weapons Restoration, Newmans’ Ltd. restores and repairs antique weapons and armaments such as flintlock guns, swords and non-western arms. We develop a thorough understanding of the piece by examining the metals, wood, ivory, bone and other materials used to make the weapon as well as researching its manufacture and treatment through history. Where needed, we rework, replace and rebuild the parts, and balance the piece’s surfaces by selectively removing rust, and replacing bluing. We finish by selectively polishing and protecting the surface against further decay with lacquers, waxes and oils.

Restoration of English Flintlock Pistol, “Spencer”– The McBean Collection at Chepstow, the Preservation Society of Newport County.

The pistol after restoration

Restoration of Balinese Sword (Kris)

The Balinese sword before restoration